We Solve IT For Impact Ventures

Catalyst implements software and data-management solutions
for companies in frontier markets


Catalyst connects IT applications and secures your data. Catalyst serves social for-profit businesses in frontier markets. Businesses supported by Catalyst will provide millions of people with clean energy, safe drinking water, health care, financial services, education, transportation…


Connected Applications

We enable companies to run their operations on a seamless application network. We combine your custom applications and best-in-call 3rd party applications into an application network that meets your need better than a one-fits-all solution, costs less, is faster to implement and can grow with the business.

Secured Data

Your data is most valuable - we help your business to collect, organize, protect and use its data. We implement state of the art data storage solutions to secure your data. We connect your applications to ensure your data flows freely through your application network. We organize your data for better and faster access.


Join Catalyst

Catalyst is a venture backed start-up run by a team of passionate experts. We understand IT, emerging markets and venture development. We offer several positions in our Zurich office.

Contact us today if you are passionate about making a difference and you have at least 3+ years experience working in and with IT. 


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